Other Offerings

Driving lines - Cart, team, unicorn, tandem, random, four, six, and eight driving lines – available in black, brown, or tan leather with choices of flat or rolled line ends and optional handholds with either the smooth side or rough side out to help prevent hand fatigue.

Spats - Keep your feathers nice with Shanahan Spats which protect your horse's feathers and promote hair growth. They cover the entire foot and have padding around the pastern so comfort is not sacrificed. Spats are sold by the pair and can be used for turnout, time in the stall or during trailering to protect delicate feathering from being chewed, stepped on, or rubbed away.

Harness Cleaning - Have your harness serviced by the people who know it best - during your 'off season' we take in show harnesses for cleaning and refurbishing. Each harness will be taken completely apart, all parts will be cleaned and re-dyed and leather will be oiled if necessary. At this time we can also perform small or large repairs and can even replace your worn patent leather to take years off the look of your harness.

Repairs - Broken or worn harness parts? Did you know that we can make new parts to match your existing harness? We make all of our harnesses by hand from the cowhide on up, so there is nothing we cannot repair or replace on your harness.

Work Harness - We also make work harness which can be exactly like your show harness in design (without patent leather and the added flare of show harness) so that your horse can be kept in Shanahan comfort at home as well as in the show ring. With the same type, style, and fit it is easy to make the transition from work wagon to show wagon.

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