Draft Show Harness

Cape Cod HarnessShanahan draft show harness is the most innovative and beautiful harness in use today. It has graced the backs of top show horses for the past 44 years. No detail is without meticulous attention- from the smallest keeper to our trace hooks to our padded lines. Drivers and owners love Shanahan harness for the endless options which help bring out the most your horse has to give.

Some styles of Shanahan Harness feature our cavesson type bridles. These bridles have more of a coach style look with padded crowns cut away to fit around the ears and padded nosebands to allow for additional control without inhibiting performance. Shanahan bridles are a comfort no horse should be without.

Our scotch tops have a distinctive profile and are built in such a way that they hold their shape year after year and do not flop back and forth while the horse is moving.

Hand sewn keepers throughout the harness ensure comfort for the horse, lost lasting performance, neatness of presentation, and peace of mind for owners and drivers.

Cape Cod HarnessQuilted, curved, or Chicago style backpads add both pizazz and functionality to the overall design and appeal of Shanahan harness.

Breechings made with padding, stuffed cruppers, kidney drops, and optional tuck-in tug carriers complete the look of our harnesses while adding to the comfort level of the horse.

Shanahan harness offers choices of style of harness, buckle type, color of leather and patent leather, brass, chrome, or stainless steel hardware, rolled or chain checks, type of check system, backpad size and style, tug style, bridle type, lead drop and kidney drop design, and ornament choice amongst many other options and anything the client can dream up.

Shanahan Harness – the choice is yours

Used Harnesses: Occasionally, we hear of used Shanahan Harness for sale or have one on consignment at our shop. Feel free to contact us for current offerings or for information about consigning your harness with us.


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